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In January 2001 a questionnaire was sent to 588 people representing different target groups in Finland. The objective was to investigate the interest in obtaining global change scenarios for Finland and to gather information on the specific needs of potential future scenario users concerning socio-economic conditions, atmospheric composition, acidification and eutrophication, climate and sea-level.

The questions posed addressed the five different types of global changes covered by the scenarios, and investigated issues concerning the desired time horizon, spatial and temporal resolution, type of scenario, reasons for scenario use and likelihood and timing of scenario use. 

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Results of the questionnaire study

There was a 30% response rate to the questionnaire (175 persons), of which 93% indicated that they could or might make use of scenarios. Priorities for scenarios differed between researchers and non-researchers. The research community required information over a wide spectrum of spatial and temporal resolutions and for time horizons ranging from 10 to 100 years. Non-researchers attached most importance to projections at low spatial and temporal resolution extending over time horizons up to 2025. Three of the five scenario types surveyed were regarded as of above-average importance by both researchers and non-researchers: atmospheric composition, acidification and eutrophication, and climate. Socio-economic scenarios were also of interest to non-researchers but less so to researchers, while both groups expressed below-average interest in sea level scenarios. 

Overall, the questionnaire provided a valuable initial contact with potential scenario users. It also indicated that there is substantial interest in scenarios of global change for Finland across a wide cross-section of activity groups.

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